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NOKU is a membership based hub organization for the culture departments in the municipalities and regions in Norway. We facilitate and promote learning and networking opportunities for our members (regionally, nationally and internationally) by sharing knowledge, best practice, innovation and experiences within our network, and in connection or partnership with like-minded organizations and institutions. NOKU advocates on behalf of the sector, supporting the growth and development of culture by promoting the impact and necessity of arts and culture in the lives of citizens within local communities, as well as throughout the country.

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    Norsk kulturforum - NOKU
    c/o Sentralen, Postboks 183, Sentrum, 0102 Oslo
    Besøksadresse: Øvre Slottsgate 3
    Telefon: (+47) 948 37 655, 

    E-post: post@noku.no

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